Participate & FAQs

The Berlin Wall has largely disappeared from the cityscape and from much of the public consciousness. The Berlin Wall Foundation's online information website and research tool MAUERSPUREN aims to fill that gap by providing an overview of what still exists from the former border fortifications and the consequences of division in and around Berlin.

It offers you the opportunity to explore our collection and discover the history of your own local area. Using the map function, you can find the photographs in the Wall remnants/traces collection and locate them along the former border. The photos can be downloaded and used for other purposes.

You can also participate actively. This tool is not a finished product. It continues to grow and develop.  Have you encountered traces of the Wall? Feel free to upload your own photo. Have you discovered traces of the Wall that we overlooked? Let us know what you found. With your help we hope to create a lively memorial landscape that can be experienced digitally.



What are traces of the Wall?

In our tool we break down traces of the Wall into three distinct categories: Wall remnants are original relics of the border fortifications, especially ones that still exist at the original site on the border strip (such as walls, lamps, fences, etc.). This also includes protected monuments. Border traces are visible signs of the border security (such as holes left behind in asphalt or natural vegetation that has grown on the former border strip since 1990). Wall elements refer to original sections of Border Wall 75 that have been moved to a different location in Berlin and its outskirts.

Who can I contact about any questions I may have and who is responsible for the site?

If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail at Information about the people responsible for the MAUERSPUREN website is found in our imprint.

Who created MAUERSPUREN?

MAUERSPUREN is a project of the Berlin Wall Foundation and funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of its program “Neustart Kultur.”



How can I research traces of the Wall?

You can find all kinds of traces of the Wall by using the central map function or conducting a search of specific terms, keywords and categories. Filters allow you to customize your search and select how you wish to view results. You can also set the filter to show results from a certain time period.

How can I use the images and information on MAUERSPUREN?

MAUERSPUREN is a free information resource of the Berlin Wall Foundation. All images and texts are provided with a free license for use (Creative Commons). As long as you give credit to the source, you can download the photos and use them without requesting permission.

Am I allowed to use the images on MAUERSPUREN?

Yes, the photographs can be used for educational work, scientific study and commercial purposes. Depending on the license, various source information must be credited.
You can find more information about the various uses and licenses under “Participate and Develop.”



How can I participate?

There are generally three ways for you to participate in MAUERSPUREN:

  • You can upload your own picture to an already existing entry. To do this, click on the "Upload" button below the photo of the Wall trace you wish to add your photo to. Your image will appear in the picture gallery after you have filled out the form.
  • You can report new traces of the Wall to us. To do this, click on the button “Report new trace of the Wall +” at the top right-hand corner of the website. You can enter everything you know about your discovery into the form. We will check your data as soon as possible and then publish your entry.
  • You can provide us feedback on any trace of the Wall. Is our information no longer correct? Has a Wall remnant disappeared? Then click on the link “We appreciate your feedback!” below the picture gallery of the Wall trace in question. Be as precise as possible when describing what you know. We will look into it as soon as possible and get back to you.

How do I upload my photo to an existing entry?

You will find the option “Upload” at the bottom of each entry. You can upload your picture of the site there and add to the photo gallery of that entry. The title of your photo is entered into the form. You should also specify the date and place, as well as the license under which you want the image published.

How do I submit a new trace of the Wall?

If you have discovered a new trace of the Wall in or around Berlin or somewhere else in the world, you can create your own entry by clicking on “Report new trace of the Wall +” at the top right-hand corner of the website. To do this, you must enter several details into the form, such as location, date, title, etc. We will check your information as soon as possible and then publish your entry.

Can I also upload historical pictures?

We ask that you only upload current photos. MAUERSPUREN is meant to document traces of the Wall and the consequences of division in and around Berlin that are still visible today.
If you would like to provide historical images, please contact the Berlin Wall Foundation's collections department directly at

How much of my trace of the Wall must still exist?

You have to be able to show the trace of the Wall in a photo and ideally be able to locate it with geodata. In the form “Report new trace of the Wall +”, you can determine the exact location via GPS and provide the specific location of the Wall trace.

What do I have to consider with regard to copyright and licenses if I want to upload an image or report a new trace of the Wall?

If you want to contribute a photo, you have to own all rights to the image. Ideally you have taken the picture yourself and there is no one else in the photo who would have to provide their consent to publication. When uploading the image, you must decide whether you want it to be published and used with or without your name on it. We offer you two options:

You can release your image WITH your name under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. This allows your image to be published and distributed by anyone, but only under the same conditions and with credit given to you.
More information about CC-BY 4.0 can be found here:

You can share your image WITHOUT your name under the CC0 license. This allows your image to be used without restrictions and without credit given to you.
More information about the usage options and licenses is found here: